Antique Doorknob Sets

Our decorative bronze antique doorknob sets will enhance any room with charm and elegance for years on end. Currently we offer a great selection of antique door sets made of bronze in a variety of different styles and patterns in both entry and passage size.

When possible we have included 2 larger matching  door plates rather than a small rosette giving your door even more eye appeal to both sides of the set. We only sell door sets that start out in the best possible condition with least amount of wear free from issues in original condition. As needed paint or grime build up is professionally removed with much time and care taken in preserving the original finish, this procedure is time consuming. However important in re-storing intricate pattern detail along with retaining original finish and luster.

Antique door sets were made in two different sizes, entry and passage. Entry sets are larger & more heavy duty also more difficult to find, they are designed to be mounted on only one side of the door or the other, either right or left hand. Passage sets can normally be mounted on either side of a door, sometimes this may involve flipping the mortise latch. This info. along with sizes will always be listed with the item description. All sets are fully guaranteed as described. Most of the antique door sets we sell are over 120 years old and were produced by the following hardware manufacture companies.

  • Russell & Erwin
  • Yale & Town
  • P.F. Corbin
  • Sargent & Co.
  • Reading Hardware
  • Nashua Lock Co.
  • Hopkins & Dickenson
  • Mallory & Wheeler