Antique Doorknobs

We always carry a vast selection of decorative antique doorknobs, most are in excellent condition retaining their original finish. Also offer a variety of more poplar patterns in our “Door knob pairs” section. You will always find plenty of detailed pictures to help you actually see what you are buying.

There were two basic sizes of antique doorknobs made here in the U.S. Entry/exterior and Passage/interior Entry door knobs are 2-1/2” in diameter and fit either a 3/8” or a 5/16” spindle. Passage knobs are 2-1/4” in dia. And fit onto a 5/16” spindle.

Most of the antique door knobs we sell were produced by one of the following hardware manufacturing companies. Russell and Erwin, P. F. Corbin, Yale and Town and Sargent and Co.