Antique Hardware of Our Past

Antique door hardware from our Victorian era will give charm and elegance to your home adding timeless beauty.

Offered is a select variety of hardware making it a perfect choice for decorators, house renovators or just adding to a collection. Why use costly reproductions that look fake containing poor casting details when you can get the originals for about the same amount. The original hardware from our Victorian era produced some of the highest quality trimmings ever made and were designed to last.

Hardware from the 1880’s had intricate details with unsurpassed quality, most has developed warm shades of naturally aged patina. Higher quality hardware was cast in bronze dating from 1860 – 1910. Many designs still available, however have become harder to find. We currently have a variety of complete door sets in both entry and passage size along with some amazing pocket door hardware sets. When buying the originals made here in the U.S. you will be purchasing some of the finest hardware ever produced on the planet.

Hardware companies were highly competitive to out-do their competitors. Most was intricately carved by an artist and compressed. The construction of the piece was precisely made by craftsman whose pride in making the finest product was more important than cost. As a result the original hardware was made to last having superb details, many pieces could be compared to finely detailed jewelry.

Don’t be fooled!

Be extra cautious of web sites who falsely advertise selling antiques when all you find are cheaply made reproductions from overseas. More than ever larger companies like Google are allowing sellers to list their repro’s under the “antique section” only to find an antique “style”. Here are a few ways of telling the difference from old verse new. For starts antique items normally have some kind of usage ware from age. Many of the older pieces have the company’s name or logo on the backs, most will have patent numbers, some are even dated. Most reproductions lack intricate details, have rough casting marks or small areas with no detail, or shiny or fake induced patina. On Internet? Seller should allow returns if not as described, also check out the other items being sold, this could give you a heads up.

The original will bring you years of beauty and a reminder of our past when craftsmanship and quality surpassed quantity.

Figural designs are highly sought after by collectors, historians, and those restoring buildings. Some are very rare. Prices the rarity and condition of the item. A few examples include heads of soldiers, past presidents, state and county seals, prominent men and women, schools, and a variety of animals, including some amazing mythological creatures.

In the 1870’s it was discovered that by using a new method in the construction of architectural hardware, called “compression”, companies were able to produce extremely high quality items with incomparable detail. Combine this with the outstanding designers of the times, and you’ll find that this Victorian – turn of the century period produced some of the finest doorknobs and door trimmings ever made.

It was common for a hardware company to make logos and symbols for an individual or place of business. The U.S. government and individual state governments had many different hardware items custom made for their major buildings. For example, the symbol for the “scales of justice” was incorporated into doorknobs and back plates that were designed for the treasury department.

Listed below are the top major hardware companies that produced this fabulous antique door hardware, which includes doorknobs, back plates, doorbells, hinges, escutcheons, hooks, brackets along with many other hardware type items.

Trenton Lock and Hardware Co.Trenton,.
Branford Lock Works Branford, Ct.
P. E.
Pierree Guerin N.Y. City
Chicago Hardware Manufacturing Co.
Metallic Compression Casting Co Boston,MA
Russell & Erwin Mfg. Co New Britain, CT
Hopkins & Dickinson Darlington, NJ
Yale & Town Mfg. Co Stamford, CT
Mallory, Wheeler& Co New Haven, CT
P&F Corbin New Britain, CT
A.G. Newman New York City
Nausha Lock Company Nausha, NH
Norwalk Lock Company. Norwalk, CT
Reading Hardware Company Reading, PA
Sargent &Company New Haven, CT
Enoch Robinson Company Boston, MA