We have bought and restored antiques for nearly 50 years.  Over half of that time was spent driving through the county back roads looking for doors and decorative hardware.

We had purchased a fixer upper Victorian house and as we started the restoration, the search for antique door hardware began.

The doors had been covered with multi layers of old ugly paint, were plain doors, and not worth the time it would take to restore.

We decided in the long run it would be best to replace our plain, painted doors with old fancy antique doors in need of restoration. So, one at a time we located and bought old doors of various styles. We then spent months re-fitting to the jams and restoring.

After the hardest part was finished, we were still in need of finding the door trimmings, knob sets, hinges, etc. After months of hard work we wanted some decent looking hardware for our restored doors. We had bought some while buying the doors.

A little at a time we would find hardware, mostly in the New England States, at large flea markets, antique stores, multi dealer co-ops, shows, some at auctions.

After seeing how nice the original door hardware looked we were astonished at the quality along with the different patterns having intricate designs. They looked fabulous on our restored doors.

For years on weekends we traveled to the New England flea markets and stores, looking for old decorative hardware. We’d usually come back with several pieces but as time went on, the pieces become fewer. Unfortunately those days are mostly over.

Mostly what’s found today are vintage or reproductions. Finding quality hardware in the flea market fields is now a hit or miss and mostly a waste of time. If you are looking for pristine hardware I may not have it. However most is in excellent condition free from issues and it’s all old. Since the hardware was used on a door over 100 years old, expect some usage wear along with the natural occurring patina, this in part gives it that a one of a kind appearance.

We take pride in selecting the best possible hardware available. When dealing with rare hard-to find items, sometimes just being able find it is more important than perfection.

We offer detailed pictures, which are part of my descriptions. I am honest and very easy to deal with. Our items are 100% guaranteed.

If you have any questions please feel free to call or send a message.