Antique Pocket Door Hardwaer

Antique Pocket Door Hardware

We try to offer a great selection of highly styled antique pocket door hardware dating from c.1870 to c.1900. This original Victorian period hardware has outstanding details and is some of the finest ever produced. The pocket hardware offered is made of cast bronze, with the lock bodies made of iron. There are many different styles, patterns and sizes to choose from. A few of the manufactures who made this pocket hardware are P.F. Corbin, Russell and Erwin, Sargent & Co, Branford, Norwalk, Nashua Lock Co., Hopkins & Dickenson and Reading Hardware Co.

Double pocket door sets will come with four plates and two locks. A single set will come with two pocket plates and a lock. Some of the fancier sets have curved astragal lock fronts. All pocket locks have been taken apart, cleaned, & lubricated. The pop-out handles inside the locks work smoothly and are in fine working order and should be trouble free for many years to come. The section that operates the locking mechanism is intact but after 120+ years the key is usually long gone. As seen in the many pictures most pieces retain their original finish and are in excellent condition.

The majority of the antique pocket door locks contain a fancy little handle located inside the lock. There is a button or lever on the face of the lock. When this button is pushed or flipped there is an internal handle that pops out through the lock face. Some of these handles are spring loaded. The use of this handle allows the pocket door to be pulled out from the wall. The door, sliding on a track, can then be pulled up to the adjacent wall where it latches into the striker when the door is in use.