Antique Door Bells

A few examples of different styles available. Mechanical, lever action, pull action,“T” handle, thumb-twist, cranking, push, turn, rotate, wall mounted, doorbell button, buzzer, and electric doorbells.

Authentic antique mechanical doorbells from our Victorian period were mostly made of cast bronze, some with nickel or silver plating. We only sell antique doorbells that are in good working order ready to install.

We have a nice selection in many different styles, patterns and sizes at this time. Good working antique doorbells are hard to come by and supplies are limited.  Styles include a twist, turn or crank action, push or pull, the most common operate with a lever handle.

Also carry  push-button back-plates for use with low voltage antique doorbells or modern bells, these are sometimes referred to as buzzers, most made of decorative cast bronze having different  patterns, these buzzer- plates can be used to replace most modern styles that have a two wire connection.

All of our bells function properly with most retaining their original 100 plus year old finish. When installing these old mechanical doorbells it’s best to use a skilled carpenter as the lever action  handles need to be mounted precisely into the bell housing for the bell to ring and operate as designed. Once installed an occasional dab of oil on the moving parts always helps.